Custom made quilted bed runners

I absolutely love to make baby quilts and one of the main reasons for this
is because I had one when I was a child. My one was more of a coverlet
than a quilt as quilts were not really available here in Ireland when I
was younger, well I don’t remember seeing any. I loved my quilt or
‘cover’ as my mother would call it. 
I had it over my duvet and that extra little bit of weight made
me feel snug as a bug and secure and maybe that is where people get the
name security blanket from. Sometimes when I got too warm I would put it
folded at the end of my bed to keep my feet warm and sometimes I would
fold it and put it at the end of my bed for decorative reasons.

I have made plenty of quilts for my kids and probably more for my daughter
than for my sons because she really cares about how her room and bed looks
and actually makes her bed every day…without me even having to ask her I
hasten to say.

In general terms of planning out the quilts I make for
my own home and kids I tend to plan and make my summer quilts in the
winter so that they are ready by the time Summer comes along.
My daughter doesn’t like putting away her quilt in the summer and does what I
used to do when I was younger, she folds her quilt in half and just has it
at the end of the bed and although this looks really nice it’s still too warm in the summer because folded it’s 2 layers.

So I started to think of a plan to make a bed runner. I will make
the bed runner narrower than a quilt but longer so it can drape or can be
folded in under the mattress. I tried to find some girly bed runners on
Pinterest or online for inspiration but funnily enough I couldn’t find
any! I am writing this blog post before I have even picked out my fabrics
or thought about the pattern but if I get this right and it works out well
I think I will plan on adding them to my shop. I think bed runners could
be really popular. Not only will they add a design aspect to the room but
they are also functional and not taking away from the security blanket
aspect of quilts I think kids will still use them as security blankets as
it will be keeping their feet nice and snug and who can sleep with cold

Ok, so now my plan….hmmm I think the first thing to think of is that my
first one is for a girls room and what works in girls rooms? Pink
obviously but as it is going to be a design aspect it can’t be a soft pink
but would need to be striking in colour, like cerise pinks but you
couldn’t just have pinks and I think pinks and greens will be the way to

Now pattern wise I’m already thinking a brick type design as when my daughter
used to fold over her quilt it was a brick design and it looked well on
the end of her bed with any duvet cover so really what I am looking for is
pinks and greens but with subtle undertones of small floral prints or
other miniature designs that would blend in with many room decors. Do I
want girly themes in the fabric? Yes I think I do.

My plan is to share this quilt with you but also to make them to order so you can custom design your own one.