I decided Etsy wasn’t a good fit for me

Some of you might know me through my machine quilting for other quilters but others might know me through what used to be my Etsy shop.  I decided to ask my website developer the fabulous Karen from KM Media to set up an online shop on my website.  Etsy is certainly a good place to start off selling your craft but it ran its course with me.  So I am happy to announce that I now have my very own online shop www.madeinirelandquilts.com.  I’m excited about this new venture and look forward to learning more and more about Digital Marketing etc that obviously must come hand in hand with running your own online shop.  

I also plan on blogging more about my customer machine quilting  and also my baby quilts for sale as I stopped blogging for ages but I have my blog mojo back now so I look forward to sharing my blogs with you in the future.