Snowed in sew time

So Ireland has been getting some severe snow this past few days.  Maybe not severe for some countries but quite severe for Ireland.  The whole country has almost come to a complete close! It has however meant that I can work on my longarm quilting and my piecing.  I had some lovely left over polka dot fabric scraps that I had used for bindings so I wanted a project that I could use them up.  I knew a string quilt was the perfect option.  String quilts sound basic and look basic enough to do, however there are so many seams involved in them that they are actually a lot more time consuming than I had first thought.  This small little 24 x 24 inch quilt took twice as long as I had first thought and the mess it left afterwards was way worse than I had expected also.  That said I did enjoy the process and I think I might make one again but only when I have a lot of suitable fabrics stashed up over a looooong period of time lol